Friday, March 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silent Complaint About the COE Prices

This is my silent complaint about the ridiculously COE price. You can call it "lor soh".

I remmember before ERP start, someone mention that they will cut the car tax. They will shift the cost of owning a car based on usage.

So many years later, EPRsss become ERPsssssssssssss. And COE price hit a new time high. The car usage price indeed is increasing, but the car price is getting higher because of COE. That piece of paper can be more expensive than a real car.

So now, the reason for higher COE price is to control the number of cars, so that it can ease the traffic.

Q: So what about ERP?
A: Errrrr, ERP is another way to ease the traffic lor.
Q??? Hmmm, ERP is not working without raising COE, so why not just raise COE at the very beginning. Build all those ERP for what ...

Q: What's next?
A: More ERP gantries so that we can monitor and control the traffic in the WHOLE Singapore island.

Q: What's next?
A: Increase the car park fee.

I just wonder, I am now paying ERP so that I can reach home in time to accompany my family for dinner. We need to pay for this, errrrr. Now, the car price is getting so high that many middle income people cannot "affort".

I suppose owning a car is only for those rich people in Singapore now.

A: If cannot own a car, there is public transport. Our public transport is considered world class.

So when more people use public transport, will it get over crowded? Will the public transport price get higher?

A: ..... If the people cannot afford a car, just use public transport. We cannot help the people to own a car.

Q: If there a promise that because of the price increase in COE, it will not affect the public transport at all?

A: .... The condition of public transport depend on usage and many other reason. Not COE. There are different thing.
Q???? ya ERP and COE are different things as well. So public transport will be affected lah, not because of COE, but because more people is using it.

"Reposition" the reason, like that I also can .....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea Bombs South Korea

Shocking news: "Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- In a sharp escalation of hostility along their disputed sea border, North and South Korean forces traded fire Tuesday, a deadly skirmish that jacked up diplomatic tensions in a volatile region.

Two South Korean marines were killed and 15 South Korean soldiers and civilians were wounded when the North fired about 100 rounds of artillery at Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea, South Korea authorities said, according to the South Korean Yonhap news agency." ... read more at

Monday, September 27, 2010

NANYANG Technological University falls 101 spots to 174 For Year 2010

"NANYANG Technological University (NTU) has tumbled 101 places in a revamped ranking of the world's top 200 universities.

It has plunged from 73rd to 174th place in this year's edition of the widely viewed Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, published yesterday." -

F1 Singapore Result For Year 2010

You can get more information about F1 Singapore Result For Year 2010 at:

Singapore Grand Prix result 2010

"Fernando Alonso won the eventful 2010 Singapore GP only 2 tenths ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Mark Webber’s early pit stop gamble (behind safety car) paid off, he finished third just ahead of Jenson Button. Lewis Hamilton crashed out for the second time in as many races." -

Snake found in athlete room for the Commonwealth Games 2010

"NEW DELHI – Two more Australian athletes withdrew Sunday and a South African competitor reportedly found a snake in his room as complaints over cleanliness, security and construction continued to dog the troubled Commonwealth Games a week before the sporting event opens in New Delhi.
On Saturday, Commonwealth Games Federation President Mike Fennell said that significant work had been done in recent days to push forward preparations, but that plenty more remained. Water was remaining in the basement of the athletes' village, there were transportation and technology difficulties and issues with security and fire safety, he said." from

Monday, August 23, 2010

Singapore Blogger that Demand free meals at Restaurant

Just read a post about a Singapore Blogger, Brad Lau( his blog is ladyironchef), that Demand free meals at Restaurant.

According to
The blogger in question, Brad Lau, who runs a food blog called ladyironchef, had informed the management on Friday that he would be coming down to review the Sunday Brunch promotion. ...The restaurant eventually offered to waive off the cost of the meal for him and his partner as well as the cost of the champagne out of goodwill, thus lowering the bill to $159.

Still upset but finally relenting to pay, the blogger then threw his credit card onto the bar counter in front of the cashier before storming out.

Can't beleive it!!! Imagine asking a few friend to join in for a meat, and spend a few hundred dollars. Next ask for FREE , errrrrrr, because and because he is so call a famous "food blogger" (and the blog seems to have an award or what, the organiser should do something about it, isn't it). Why not schedule every meals to 1 restaurant, ask your auntie, uncle, old friends, new friends, ah boy, ah girl and ... for the Free meals. Save quite a lot from it, yar...

What a shame ! What an arrogant guy !

More about this arrogant "Brad Lau" at
disgraceful food blogger demand free food from restaurant ...
You can see his photo and even his address from the link above.